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Summer Twenty Sixteen

Our Favorite New Orleans Women

Hattie Moll, Erika Buchert, Amanda Shaw

American Sweethearts

Erika Taylor Buchert is a barre instructor, mother of two and an avid traveler. We admire her sweetness, sensibilty and style. Pictured here in our Rainbow Seersucker Covington Dress.

Hattie Moll is a local business owner of a

retail shop, Hattie Sparks. We admire her sense 

of humor, entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy of 

the arts. Pictured here wearing our Navy

Seersucker Haspel Shirtdress.

Amanda Shaw is a talented singer and Cajun fiddler. We admire her love of all things Southern, her beautiful voice and her musical talents. Always smiling and singing, her bubbly personality is contagious. Pictured here in our Coral Silk with Mint Seersucker Carolina dress.

Our Carolina dress in classic Navy Seersucker.

The Shelby Shift dress in Navy Seersucker with White Seersucker side detail.

The Shelby Shift in Rainbow Seersucker.

Our Haspel Shirtdress in Red Seersucker.

Location: New Orleans, LA

Photographer: Hannah McSwain

Models: Erika Taylor Buchert

             Hattie Moll

            Amanda Shaw

Styled by: Jolie and Elizabeth

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