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Jolie and Elizabeth Pretty Promise : Made in USA

 Jolie is French for, "pretty" and Elizabeth translates to "promise"  so together, Jolie & Elizabeth means pretty promise and our promise to you is below. 

All Jolie & Elizabeth dresses are made in the USA. 



The positive economic impact of keeping dollars circulating within our local economy, utilizing untapped local labor resources to create jobs, and using innovative strategies to create sustainable businesses (and pretty dresses) are our key objectives.  It is up to our generation to step up as leaders, strengthen our community and to be good examples for generations to come. We are as dedicated to our country as we are to our customers and we are happy to say that is reflected in every part of our company.

Since 2010, we have manufactured over 80,000 dresses, which puts money right back into our economy, from our retailers' profits to our seamstresses' paychecks. Unlike purchasing a product that was manufactured overseas, 100% of a JE purchase stays in America, stays at home- a country we're proud to call home. We adhere to the task of rebuilding our country's apparel manufacturing industry by aligning properly with the existing apparel design talent which serves as an imperative economic venture into job creation.  We challenge consumers to educate themselves on thoughtful purchases and begin to demand locally produced material, which redirects the profit back to the United States and will in turn assist the United States' quest for economic sustainability. 

Jolie & Elizabeth prides itself in contributing to the rebuilding, revitalizing and redevelopment of the city of New Orleans, our great country and it's delicate yet determined economy.  Jolie and Elizabeth have both dedicated their efforts to creating a vertical company that proudly exercises the privilege of designing, manufacturing, selling, and shipping American made fashion.                                          

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