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Times Picayune Jolie and Elizabeth
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Drawing inspiration from the heart of the deep south, New Orleans; over a pitcher of sweet tea and a messy shrimp po boy, Jolie and Elizabeth was born. 

After just five months, in June 2010,  Jolie and Elizabeth were awarded "Top 30 People to Watch 2010" by New Orleans Magazine.


In May 2011, Jolie and Elizabeth launched the "JE Junior Designer Challenge" in an effort to continue the growing apparel design and manufacturing industries and further the number of opportunities available for young talent.


In September 2011, Jolie and Elizabeth was featured by Inc. and Forbes Magazine.


In November 2011, Jolie and Elizabeth were named Top 100 Entrepreneurs in America by the White House, the prestigious Empact 100 List.


In May 2012, Jolie and Elizabeth themselves, as designers, were featured in Southern Living Magazine, in a three page feature

In the Fall of 2012, a dress from Jolie and Elizabeth's Summer 2010 Collection was chosen as the second season Ad Dress for Zooey Deschanel on Fox's hit TV Show 'New Girl''. The white with navy seersucker detail strapless dress was appropriately renamed, "The Zooey Dress". 

In April 2014, The Rebecca Dress, a seersucker scalloped hem shift dress was featured in Southern Living magazine.


In September 2014, Jolie and Elizabeth celebrated a great milestone for their company, 10,000 dresses manufactured at their manufacturing facility in New Orleans. They celebrated with a fete at Gravier Street Social in New Orleans, LA, along with their best retailers, customers and loyal supporters.


In November 2014, Jolie and Elizabeth completed a 6 month design collaboration process with the iconic Mignon Faget. The beautiful gift set, a limited edition holiday design includes a Wish Ring necklace adorned with 3 exclusive charms inspired by Jolie & Elizabeth’s designs: a Button, a Grosgrain Bow and a Seersucker Heart, placed inside a seersucker jewelry sac. Jolie and Sarah Elizabeth consider it an honor to have worked with such a prestigious and timeless New Orleans designer as Mignon Faget.


In 2015, Jolie and Elizabeth collaborated with the iconic Haspel company, in the classic Shirtdress design, named " the Haspel dress".


In February 2016, Jolie and Elizabeth was again featured in Southern Living, in their 50th Anniversary Issue.


The designs of Jolie and Elizabeth have been featured in various regional and national publications, including NY's Daily Candy, VIE Magazine, and Southern Living. 

As of 2018, Elizabeth has left the company and Jolie remains as the sole designer of Jolie and Elizabeth.

Jolie currently designs and operates out of her design studio in uptown New Orleans.

In March of 2020, Jolie and Elizabeth had the honor of being selected as one of the New Orleans Arts Council's Artist in Residence. 

Located in Canal Place, the Jolie and Elizabeth art space was inspired by bold hues of a strong cobalt blue, a soft chartreuse green seersucker and fuschia, and overwhelming seersucker drapes placed from the ceilings to the walls. Every Saturday 1-6PM from May 2020 - March 2021, Jolie resided- designed in the mall, chatted with shoppers and sewed her then next collection, Fall Winter 2020. 

In 2021, Jolie and Elizabeth's black lace shawl, "the Dewdrop shawl" was featured in New Orleans Magazine.

In 2022, Jolie and Elizabeth was selected to be an YLC artist at Wednesday at the Square.

In March 2023, Jolie and Elizabeth was selected to be a designer at the Longue Vue Gardens Designer symposium.


In 2023, Jolie and Elizabeth was again selected to be a YLC artist at Wednesday at the Square.

Staying true to timeless southern style, the dresses of Jolie and Elizabeth surpass forced trends that overlook the purpose of a dress:to adorn or decorate; to render pleasing or attractive. Trends come and go, but a true Southern girl knows good style and good attitude go hand in hand. And there's nothing more charmingly irresistible than that.

More Press located here.


Jolie and Elizabeth Company Mission



We aim to design dresses that stay true to the purpose of a dress: to adorn or decorate; to render pleasing or attractive.  The dresses of Jolie & Elizabeth are beloved by women everywhere for their unpretentious yet sophisticated quality.

We aim to design dresses for every woman of every age.

We offer dresses for the young, carefree girl who is fearless, brave and ready to take on the world; for the twenty- something year old career woman, who works hard and needs a dress as well- made as she is; for the beautiful,  strong mother, who is dedicated to her family and deserves to look her best; for the traditional, conservative mother of the bride who needs , a dress that suits her appropriately. 

We aim to design dresses that surpass forced trends and upholds the standards of a true quality garment, one that will stay in your closet for years to come. In today's world of fast fashion, it is forgotten that a garment is an investment.


The selection of fabric, the stitch in every seam and the hands that sew it all together- we give attention to every element that comprises each and every Jolie & Elizabeth garment. As dress designers, it is our responsibility to offer a dress we have designed, manufactured and wear ourselves - with pride.

We are dedicated to women and helping them feel confident by dressing them beautifully.


All Jolie & Elizabeth dresses are made in the USA.

III. LAGNIAPPE, a lil' extra bit

Yes, the models employed by Jolie & Elizabeth are beautiful, but they are everyday women who are also students, teachers, attorneys, nurses and waitresses.  We choose our models because they are strong women who exude an authentic beauty, inside and out.
As a women's contemporary apparel design company, we recognize and work steadily to reduce the negative connotations that the today’s fashion industry can sometimes often markets toward young push on women. 

We speak regularly at high schools, workshops and universities across the South to promote female empowerment and social entrepreneurship within today’s fashion industry, always with the goal of reducing those negative connotations.  

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