Raven dress


royal violet brocade with emerald green crushed velvet

Fall Holiday Twenty Twenty :

      le serpent


Trahison dress


in emerald crushed velvet

with black lace


Willow dress

in emerald velvet

and black lace


Marchese top

in emerald and gold velvet

and royal violet brocade

in emerald chiffon

 Serpent skirt

with the

The Julia dress

The Selene dress

The CauldronTop

with the 

emerald velvet

Luna Lace Skirt

Photographer: Clarence Scott

Models: Kelsey Johns

Katie Belle Rothkamm

Grace Brignac

Stylist: Jolie Bensen

Animals: PrettyRicky 

Location: Cane and Table, New Orleans

Special thanks to Neal Bodenheimer

and Willow Hyatt Biderman

just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.

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Jolie and Elizabeth, the original Seersucker dress. Made in America.

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