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A Letter from Jolie and Elizabeth

A Letter from Jolie & Elizabeth

Long rides in the Jeep, last minute fishing trips, crawfish boils, a porch swing and a messy Plum Street snowball. Just a few things that come to mind when we think of good times in the South. For everyone, memories are different: family trips, late nights with friends or a first kiss with a new love.

We are continuously inspired by none other than the basis of our line, the city we call home, New Orleans, LA. From the Spanish Moss-covered trees of Audubon Park to the red and white checkered tablecloths of Bon Ton Café and every place in between, New Orleans has a never ending abundance of history, imagination and inspiration.

Of course, every southern girl has her moments, so to compliment each: Upperline and Lowerline, the two categories of Jolie and Elizabeth. Our Upperline girl is sophisticated, charmingly proper and loves a beautiful set of pearls. She remains conservative yet chic. The Lowerline girl is fearless and free spirited; her style is understated as she tosses on a playful dress and heads to the park. Upperline consists of more luxurious fabrics, silks, crepe de chine and classic silhouettes; Lowerline is trendier in styling and more casual in fabrications.

Throw on our Adelaide, Acadian or Gypsy dress for a warm afternoon in the park or a date on Magazine Street. Wear the Tallulah dress or Harriett seersucker skirt to grab a drink at the Sazerac bar or dinner at Arnauds. We use a mix of seersucker, silk and chiffon fabrics to insure comfort and ease. This collection of stylish yet classic pieces exudes the natural beauty and attitude of a southern summer. It is a pleasure to share our first collection with you and we hope that Jolie & Elizabeth will be part of your best below the Mason Dixon memory yet.

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