Summer Twenty Fifteen

Summer Twenty Fifteen

The Magnolia


The Reiva

Seersucker Reversible Bandeau

The Sadie Sarong



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.The Lily

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The Charlotte Dress

The Delfina Blouse

The Lucia

    Seersucker Skirt

The Charlotte Dress

and in honor of June 26, the day love won,

        we introduce our Rainbow Seersucker bowtie, the Rustin.

The Rhett Seersucker Bowtie

The Lily

The Charlotte Dress

  Reversed to Red


Location: Antoine's &

Place d'Armes

New Orleans, Louisiana

Photographer: Jason Kruppa 

Models: Jacki Smith Bergeron

Becky Hardin  Rustin Steib

Eric Guidry

Styled by:

Jolie and Elizabeth

Special Thanks to Scooby

and Tristan the lovable puppy